Retail and store design

Retail and store design – for a feel-good atmosphere

Sure, this is the digital age, but people still want to get their hands on your product. Retail thrives on the on-site buying experience. That’s why your store has to make your brand tangible, with a focus on an attractive, friendly design for your products. With our design concepts, we work with you to find the right mix for your customers and employees. Considering that your interior design reflects your brand message, how do you want your customers to feel? What can you do to make your employees feel comfortable at work? We take all this into account to reach your target groups, now and in the future. With our experience, especially in the organic brand sector, your store will invite your customers to stay and shop.

Retail and store design by PARIPARI: design concepts for your store

Come in, feel good – and come back. That’s our goal for your retail business. Working closely with you, we develop the communication design that will yield the ideal environment for your clientele – inviting, pleasant, and attractive. With our concepts and keen eye for the perfect feel-good atmosphere, your customers will not only feel comfortable in your store, but also have the incentive to buy your products, increasing your turnover.

  • Shop development
  • Exterior design
  • Interior design
  • Brand identity
  • Advertising
  • Digital signage
View into the organic market Hauser
Naturata floor plan and corridor planning in the workshop

Retail with PARIPARI: how we work

Ultimately, we are searching for the solution that will still suit both your customers and employees. Because only a feel-good atmosphere creates the ambience that sells your product well, we analyze the present and look into the future. In this way we help you develop new target groups and loyal employees.



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Thomas Weiling
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