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DMFV - Corporate Design

For eight years now, we have been working with the sports association Deutscher Modellflieger Verband e. V.. Specializing in model flying, the DMFV represents the interests of over 85,000 members in around 1,300 member clubs. The high-flying began with the revision of their corporate design. Since then, we have been working together to develop their brand.

Rebranding – from old to new

Our goal was to give the DMFV a modern look. With bold colors and a figurative mark that reaches for the sky, we faithfully translated the client's needs. When it came to the launch, in addition to the classic media, we provided the client with a design manual – a reference for their corporate design, colors, and logo.

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DMFV logo with claim and color table
DMVF Design Manuel: Minimum distances

Logo derivation and color concept

The eight abstracted fliers of the logo symbolize both the model pilots and the individual clubs represented by the DMFV. The design manual explains which angle they follow and the grid behind the design. The positive upward movement of the group is supported by the lively color concept: From the upper right-hand flyer emerges the primary color of the DMFV – a strong cyan. Cyan, colloquially known as turquoise, is fresh; the color of the sky on a sunny day. It conveys clarity, openness, and freedom. It’s also associated with communication, inventiveness, and self-confidence. The strong and clear secondary colors represent the diversity of the association. The way they contrast with the cyan supports the positive dynamics of the brand image.

From exhibition stand to vehicle lettering

The manual also means that the corporate design can be transferred to a wide variety of media with ease. In addition to classic vehicle lettering or the signage of the Bonn site, the trade show booth was also successfully adapted to the new design. A well-conceived design translates fluidly to a wide variety of media.

DMFV vehicle wrapping of a van
DMFV booth with advertising column and timeline
DMFV booth
DMFV 50th anniversary logo

Anniversary logo and media

The DMFV asked us to design a logo for the 50th anniversary of the organization. The visual builds a bridge between the original 1972 logo and our rebranding. In addition to the upward flight, the focus is on transformation through time. The progression from cyan to white emphasizes the momentum of positive change. The simple claim - we keep flying - expresses the continuity and simplicity with which this is happening. Again, we were able to support the DMFV with various media for various events. We also created a medal of honor for their members.

DMFV Medal of Honor in casket for 50th anniversary
DMFV model pilots with anniversary logo


Our customers come from a wide variety of sectors. Thinking in terms of different topics is our hobbyhorse. How about the Association of German Kidney Centers (DN) e. V., for example? Here, too, we have created a lively corporate design.

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