Naturata Wermelskirchen fruit and vegetable department

Naturata – Retail

Supporting organic pioneers - this is a real passion of ours. Whether in Wermelskirchen, Cologne, Siegburg, Recklinghausen or Burscheid – we support our long-standing customers in many ways. Always in focus: making the world a little better every day.


Strategic design creates value for companies, their employees, and customers. This is how you manage to increase awareness with your store, and gain and strengthen the trust of your customers. Create a store with a feel-good atmosphere, and reach new target groups.

  • Logo
  • Corporate design
  • Branding
  • Editorial
  • Location design
  • Vehicle wrapping
Naturata floor plan and corridor planning in the workshop

Planning and conception
in a team

From the initial idea to your floor plan, wall design, and opening communication, we find the right concept to help you make your store a brand.


Opening your store is one thing. Communicating it to the world is another! We support your advertising concept for zour opening - from classic large-scale billboard advertising to social media campaigns. Let the world know how good you are!

Store design? Yes!

In addition to the Naturata store, we have accompanied several other retail projects. For example, we put our hearts and minds into BioBente.

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Thomas Weiling
Thomas Weiling
Founder & Managing Director
Paripari Christian Lenkeit
Christian Lenkeit
Consulting & Project Development